Your message delivered,
no bulls**t!

We specialize in targeted, bulk text message delivery for the Entertainment industry, MrSTK will make sure that your message is delivered. Analytics Reports, Free Incoming messages, Automated Responses, Local and Short Numbers, highly efficient delivery.


Awesome Delivery Rate

We offer almost a 100% delivery rate to your customers. Our analytics tracks the delivery reports* and when the message was failed to deliver, we try to reach your customer for the second time absolutely free of charge to you!

Bulk Text Messaging

Our flexible platform can accommodate medium to super large client base. With flexible number configuration and robust network, it doesn’t matter if you need to send 10000 text messages per day or 100000000 messages. We’ll get your message delivered.

Local Targeting System

Your customers are probably not reading messages from the promotional numbers anymore, we have a solution for that, local custom numbers for the best read-click rate. Depending on geolocation we will choose an appropriate number.

Messages amount: 1,000
Cost per 1 SMS: $0.050
Messages amount: 2,500
Cost per 1 SMS: $0.040
You save: 25%
Messages amount:16,000
Cost per 1 SMS: $0.025
You save: 100%
Messages amount:50,000
Cost per 1 SMS: $0.020
You save: 150%